Frequently Asked Questions about Lab Grown Diamonds:

What is a Lab grown diamond?

A lab grown diamond is a synthetic diamond created in a laboratory. The laboratory uses advanced technology to mimic the growth process of a natural mined diamond from earth. Lab grown diamonds share the same chemical, and physical properties of a natural mined diamond.

How are the Lab grown Diamonds created?

Lab grown diamonds are mainly processed by two different types of labs.

High pressure, high temperature is a method that occurs at high pressure and high temperatures of 1300 – 1600 degrees Celsius. Lower quality diamonds can be put into this process to improve color and clarity.

Chemical Vapor Deposition is a new technology that allows growth of diamonds. This process moderates’ temperatures and lower pressures. Carbon-containing gas is deposited onto a diamond seed. Which exhibit the same fire, scintillation, and sparkle.

Can you insure lab-grown diamonds?

Yes, lab grown diamonds can be insured. We will provide an appraisal so you can insure your valuable jewelry in any case of loss and theft.

What are the benefits of a lab grown diamond?

Lab grown diamonds are less expensive, they are also ethically sourced and environmentally kind.

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